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Monday, 30 September 2013

Refreshing Facial Deep Cleanser with Pure Cucumber Extract

Posted by Jenny Lilly at Monday, September 30, 2013
Refreshing Facial Deep Cleanser 
with Pure Cucumber Extract
Refreshing Facial Deep Cleanser 
with Pure Cucumber Extract

Price per ml :-
- RM14 (75ml)
-RM17 (135ml)
-RM20 (225ml)

  • Enriched with Vitamin A and E, which help maintain skin's natural moisture
  • Contains real cucumber ingrediants for a naturally cool and refreshed skin
  • Removes deep-seated dirt and excess oil to help prevent pimples 

I would recommend this to those who suffers from acne irritation that leads to redness as this really has the ability to tone down the redness effectively. At the same time, it also calm the irritated skin by keeping it hydrated. 

How to use?
After washing your face, pour a small amount on a cotton ball and swipe it all over the face. Use it once a day (preferably at Night) 

Suitable For: Dry and irritated skin 

Tidact Capsule 150mg
Price: RM2 per capsule

  • This antibiotic are best use together with Eskinol Cleanser
  • However, Dalacin C 150mg is the most suitable capsule to mix with Eskinol Cleanser
  • Open the capsule and pour the powder into the cleanser. Shake well so that the powder mixes with the fluid.

Jumlah Capsule Di perlukan:
  1. Botol Besar (225ml): 3 biji capsule
  2. Botol sederhana (135ml): 2 biji capsule
  3. Botol kecil (75ml): 1 biji capsule

** can be purchase with or without Tidact capsule.
CAUTION! For Eskinol that already mixed with Tidact
capsules...please finish it before 3 MONTHS

Postage Fee: 
RM12 (for first 500g) - Semenanjung 
** Additional RM3 for next 250g 

RM10 (for first 500g) - Sabah/Sarawak 
** Additional RM3 for next 250g


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